HP Printers Diwali Advertisement


HP Printers  Diwali advertisement is heart touching advertisement where a woman is selling diya . A boy is returning home after shopping with his mother in a way he saw the woman selling diya , he asked his mother to purchase the diya . His mother did not purchase diya and take him back to home. The boy comes back alone and purchases diya, he clicks the photo of the woman and says Amma Happy Diwali then she replied till all diya get sold what Happy Diwali. Then boy promise the Amma he will help her to sell all diya. The boy returned back home and takes printout from the printer and distribute it to people ask them to purchase diya and make Amma’s Diwali happy. People come and purchase diya and woman’s all diya gets sold . This is the advertisement which goes viral in social media in Diwali.

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