The rise of the new India with the victory of Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has won the parliamentary elections held in India. On this path of victory, they have completely changed India. This is the beginning of a new era in Indian politics. The struggle between elections was between a party prime minister and the young opposition leader challenging them. The struggle was between the forces of nationalism and regionalism and racism. And this conflict was among the approaches, the imagination of a future India. Narendra Modi once again proved that he is the master of political science.

Those who thought that the impact of the Indian industry on the election, the unemployment, the misadventure of the farmers or the ban on small businessmen will play an important role, they have taught the second lesson in political studies and the politics of voters’ decision. Narendra Modi has been successful in bringing the issues of the electorate away from everyday problems by raising new issues every time in seven phases, and bringing the external threats, internal security and the ability to give security to his government. Earlier, during the election use of the security forces,  was not done on this scale.

India’s voters are extremely political Their regional or racist stance is usually politically motivated in a society that is generally considered feudal. Modi has broken the backbone of these relations and attitude. In the previous elections, he weakened it in the name of development and now he has neutralized those issues by adding national security and Hindutva to nationalism and national assimilation in the election campaign.

This time the election result is a lesson for democracy for opposition parties. They put their leaders in the center instead of creating a democratic organization and attracting women and youth and tried to win support in their name. The Congress tried to mobilize support in the name of Rahul Gandhi under the leadership of Rahul Gandhi and to create a separate India, but the results show that he failed.

After the Jawaharlal Nehru, independent modern India, Narendra Modi is the second Prime Minister to win the election for the second consecutive time. By winning this election, he has not only changed the fate of his party BJP, but he has also changed the attitude of Indian voters and has managed to convince many people that the Hindu Nationalist Party is a protector of the interests of Hindu-majority India.

Today, the world will face a strong India with a Hindu majority. This will make foreign policy choices difficult for Pakistan and China. Despite Modi’s huge victory, there is no hope of a change in the Indian foreign policy towards the West, but India’s aggressive position in South Asia and the Pacific can be seen. Modi’s victory is the victory of another poplit leader in the world, which will have a serious impact on world order.

The challenge of creating new jobs for lakhs of young unemployed and making India a multi-dominated industrialized nation. The last five years of the Modi government have clearly shown that economic and social development is possible only in the atmosphere of peace and tolerance. The biggest challenge of the new government will be to give a sense of security to minority communities, to ensure press freedom and make the society more democratic. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has conquered his power with this victory, now he has to prove that he is entitled to this trust.

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